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What are Drum Tabs? Basically, drumtabs are a form of sheet music for drummers. Think of it as shorthand to standardized drum notation. Drum Tab form is also usually written in acsii text. This saves the author the time and money of creating it in a music notation software or creating images through photocopying written pages.

It is usually recommended that drummers learn to read music correctly through formal instruction (college, private drum lessons), but many drummers don't want to do this and they've come to rely on free drumtabs as their primary form of reading drum music and transcribing drum parts for songs.

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It's worth noting... that some free drum tabs are written closer to standard notation form, but they will emit bars of time or will have short notes written off to the side to tell the drummer what to do instead of notating it. Here is an example of a drumtab part written in standardized notation, but still taking some shortcuts:

Drum Tabs - Example of DrumTab Notation
*Notice that the format of the text is off a bit, capitalization is missing, and "bass" is spelled "base".
This is an example of how drumtabs are often written by amateurs. Caution must be taken. Just because they're free doesn't mean they're good! Stay tuned for more on free tabs, how to read drum tabs and drum tablature notation.

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Definition of Tabs and Tablature: Noun: Definition: Originally designed for fretted instruments, it would tell, lets say, a guitar player where to put his fingers on the fretboard. It is a type of shorthand indicating the key, strings, and fingering. Of course tabs eventually moved over to drums as well.

Tab History: Tablature in music is a generic system of musical notation indicating actions that the player must take, rather than “representing” the music itself that will result from those actions. Tablatures have been in use in the West since the early 14th century, mostly for keyboard and plucked string instruments. Most used a horizontal grid read from left to right, with letters or numbers indicating the production of pitches, and rhythmic signs above. In the 16th and 17th century, differing systems existed in Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Tablatures are used today to notate music for guitar and ukulele. These have vertical lines representing strings of the instrument, horizontal lines for the frets, and dots to show the position of the fingers. Source: Answers.com

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DrumTabs.org will be updated frequently... so check back to see what's new. See our newest free tabs-related drum lessons page on How To Read Drumtabs.

More than Tabs? That's right, we'll be posting more drummer resources, drum links, and free drum lessons for all musicians. If you have a music site you would like included, please let us know.

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